Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings – NOT!

cheap engagement rings

It’s easy to find cheap diamond engagement rings!

Every week, I get an email update from my favorite online retailer of computer and electronic goodies. The HTML email message is loaded with pictures of all kinds of gadgets being offered at very good prices. Now, these are items that are mass-produced in far away lands, using cutting edge technology, and made in ultra modern production facilities.

About 2 weeks ago, I was surprised to see that now they are also offering cheap diamond engagement rings…. I shouldn’t have been so surprised because 3 days earlier my gas company included an advertising flier for cheap diamond engagement rings, discount diamond earrings, and discount diamond rings in with their monthly statement.

The online computer gadget retailer was offering 1 Carat cheap diamond engagement rings for an amazing price! According to them, these cheap diamond engagement rings should normally be sold for $4,999…. but lucky you could buy one for $1,599.

WOW, that is truly amazing!

What a discount!

How can they do that?

I understand that when many consumer items are first introduced, the price is high but it will drop over time because of improvements in manufacturing and price savings as more and more products are made…. in 1987, my first Mac computer cost 3 times more than the iMac that I just bought, and my new iMac is thousands of times better than my original Mac computer! Is that the same way jewelry works???

Well, yes and no…. In the past 30 years, I’ve seen many changes in how diamond jewelry is being sold to the public. The most notable was the explosion of home shopping channels when cable TV started to become more widespread in the late 70’s to the early 80’s…. but the biggest change has been via the Internet.

For the past 30 years, as these new jewelry outlets became popular, it made prices come down because it “eliminated the middleman” from the chain of distribution. Because of these major realignments to the diamond jewelry business, there are virtually no more middlemen left and the distribution channels have become much more efficient.

There really haven’t been many drastic improvements in jewelry manufacturing. Jewelry is basically manufactured the same today as it was 60 to 70 years ago. Computer chip manufacturing is being improved everyday…. the speed and performance keeps going up as the prices keeps going down…. jewelry manufacturing doesn’t work that way.

So how do these cheap diamond engagement rings have an original value of $4,999? Simple….. they just made it up!!! An article by on cheap wholesale diamond ring scams also describes this phenomenon in detail.

If a jeweler makes cheap diamond engagement rings and sells them on a regular basis for $1,599, then the value of each of those rings is actually $1,599. If someone had actually bought one of these cheap diamond engagement rings for $4,999 then that person really got ripped off and they should never (never… ever!) trust their own judgment ever again!

Seeing some of the information of these cheap diamond engagement rings, I think that at a price of $1,599, these rings are overpriced. I’ve seen many cheap diamond engagement rings like this and I can say that these will not be a nice looking diamonds!

Being a 1 Carat. diamond is about the only impressive thing you can say about it. This type of cheap promotional price will end up of attracting people who are already susceptible to this type of deceptive promotion.

These are people who mistakenly believe that there are tremendous mark-ups (multiplying the jeweler’s cost by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times) on diamond jewelry and anytime someone buys diamond jewelry they are really getting ripped off!

Actually, tremendous mark-ups and rip offs are always evident whenever my wife buys perfume, dresses, or shoes. Please don’t ever waste any of your hard earned money on cheap diamond engagement rings like this…. remember, you usually do get what you pay for!